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Review & Identify the Gaps in Existing MBBS Curricula in Pakistan

Leading to Discrimination against Sexual and Gender Minorities Accessing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Services

This study identified many gaps in the medical curriculum guidelines in addressing human sexuality on the whole, and complete lack of guideline on Sexual and Gender Minorities-SGM health. No expected objective has been set for medical students’ knowledge, skills, or attitudes regarding transgender or other sexual minorities’ health. It also showed that the majority of the physicians interviewed for the study had a poor understanding of SGM and could not explain relevant terminology or identify any unique health needs of the group. Similarly, they also didn’t seem to have the attitudes required to deal with patients identifying as SGM even for general health concerns. The respondents of FGD also shared that they avoid seeking healthcare from a professional until absolutely unavoidable. When they do seek medical attention, they frequently experience discrimination and verbal harassment. The SGM community in the group believed that a major part of the reason for not seeking care is negative previous health care experiences.